Dumpster diving dating

30-Dec-2017 21:46

Most shops have security, not to mention high fences surrounding their bin areas.They don’t want you taking the food, even if the alternative is that it sits to rot. Supermarkets say that they cannot legally sell food past its best-before date and that stopping people from bin diving is for their safety.But this waste is part of the reason that a third of all the food produced for human consumption—approximately 1.3 billion tons a year—gets discarded, while 795 million people on the planet don’t have have enough to eat on a day-to-day basis.At the same time, there are many groups putting time and energy into repurposing wasted food for consumption.That doesn’t mean the rest of the apples aren’t still perfectly fine to eat.

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“Bread is good and we always take it if we can, but it does go stale faster than other food, so we leave it in the place of food like vegetables and cereal,” my guide says.Along with the The Real Junk Food Project and Save The Date in London, there are 11 worldwide freeganist groups on Meetup, and countless websites about reclaiming food waste.