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28-Aug-2017 02:06

Moreno defends his habit of pulling routine consent calendar items because he wants to get at the facts before making a decision.In this case, a concern for the facts would serve better than a knee-jerk ideological response.This is a free country and Councilman Moreno is at liberty to support the causes of his choice.However, before lending his support for the Papa John’s Pizza boycott, it would have been prudent to reflect on the propriety of an Anaheim City Councilmember endorsing the boycott of Anaheim small businesses.

NOTE: The Savings Bond Wizard update for the November 1, 2017 savings bond rate release is the final update.This problem may arise if you are using a proxy server on your network or using Socks 4 & 5 network.You need to configure "Internet Settings" of Quick Update to get Internet access.On his Facebook page last month, District 3 Councilman Jose F.

Moreno endorsed boycotting Papa John’s Pizza: “Hit haters in the wallet” exhorts the Vocal Progressives boycott post shared by Moreno – and hitting those haters includes the three Papa John’s Pizza stores in Anaheim.

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