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Nowadays, we feel strong demand from academic community and enthusiastic people to participate in projects of Wikimedia Foundation (technical support, seminars, forums, trainings etc.). But in order to proceed faster and with more confidence and to draw public attention we really need to be recognized as a local chapter.In the end of May we are planning to start public compaign in Kazakhstan.Participants of the meeting decided to launch online forum on this issue where all users would express their views.So far all users appeared to support the initiation of the Local Chapter in Kazakhstan.Dear friends, This page is dedicated for the discussion of the chapter Wikimedia Kazakhstan.The chapter would be created for enthusiastic people, who are interested in developing Wikimedia projects in Kazakh (Qazaq), English and Russian languages.And for this reason to draw attention and trust we would like to make social advertisement, street banners, produce promotion stuffs (t-shirts, pens, bags, hats etc) with Wikimedia official trademarks.

It had been press-conference and presentation of the web-page with kazakh video & PDF tutorials and start of Wiki-campaign dedicated to 20th independence anniversary. Last two weeks we are growing at 700 articles per day in average. Today there are approximately 200 active kazakh wikipedians who are participating in mass uploading of articles from Kazakh Encyclopedia and translating articles from other languages.

Previously we applied for local chapter recognition as a Wikimedia Kazakhstan.

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