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Among women, one percent reported 99 or more partners; the high was 100 (reported by two women).”1.90% of women have 0-1 partners within a given year, compared to 83% of men. About 29% of men will have 15 partners in their lifetime, compared with about 9% of women.Proportionally, women curtail the number of partners more than men do from their 20s to 30s, probably reflecting the younger average age at marriage for women. Only 16% of men in their 20s have gone without sex in the last year, and that number stays steady in the 30s.This belies the notion that a large majority of males has zero access to sex.

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It’s a rather grim tale, and one that I continue to find compelling. What is not clear is how severe this disequilibrium is.

In today’s society, birth control [means that women] can have sex without marriage, engaging in temporary physical relationships…while they wait and hope for Mr. Men have a greater evolved desire for unfettered sex, and generally prefer more sex partners rather than a commitment to marriage and raising children.

Because women are willing to have premarital sex, the attractive men who have ready access to many new sex partners have little incentive to pursue marriage at all.

Comparing three economic strata (poverty level, 1-2 x’s poverty level and 2 x’s poverty level) did not materially affect results.8.

The average age of the loss of virginity is very similar for both men and women, with women skewing slightly older. Only 29% of unmarried people over 30 are involved in a sexual relationship.

Even a slight imbalance – say 45% of the men getting 55% of the women, would wreak havoc in the SMP, explaining great frustration on the part of many men. If the 80/20 Rule holds up, then the vast majority of women can be assumed to be getting what they want – short-term sexual liaisons when they’re at their physical peak.