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17-Sep-2017 14:02

An all natural, stunner - blonde (my weakness), high cheekbones, full chest, thin waist, full hips and long legs (as long as mine - she'd bet me when we first met, and I lost).Wrap that up in a practically indecently sheer babydoll nightdress and you've got the picture.I could smell perfume, and feel the warmth from the body.However, my eyes had come back to me, and I could behold the owner of the voice. Tracy had continued to blossom in the intervening years, and had looked after herself."Mary is exaggerating, and it was her choice not to use the KY." Again, I was thumped on the shoulder. " "Tracy, to me, I'm just normal." We both took a long sip of our drinks, before Tracy looked me back in the eyes and said something that no doubt was what she'd needed the dutch courage for, "Fred said that I should probably go and fuck you since I'm such a size-queen." I must have gawped at that comment, as she reached over and closed my open mouth with her red nailed forefinger.

It has to be something important..." I was in a hotel room, Tracy had come through the adjoining door which lay open to her lit bedroom.

This was all it took for Tracy to toss her indecent babydoll through the door. She withdrew the cube, rubbed it over her lips, down her neck to one, then the other breasts before circling the nipples twice, and diving down to her other lips.

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