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17-Nov-2017 01:48

Spypoint IR-6, IR-8 and PRO X Plus IR cameras feature covert Infrared.Spypoint cameras use either C cell batteries or AA batteries depending on the type of camera.The quality of the latest trail cameras are so good, that they can be used in as a mobile CCTV unit which can take images or video of property should an intruder enter the zone.Used by many industries to monitor activity in sensitive areas at night.Some infrared systems when they activate glow red, which can be seen if you are looking in the direction of the device.Covert has a minimal red glow, which is best for keeping the location of the camera secret.A Spypoint Wildlife Camera, Bushnell Trophy Camera or Stealth Cam Wildlife camera is ideal for monitoring wildlife movements but they also have many other applications such as surveilllance, game scouting, and security applications.

This range is adjustable from 1.5m to 14m and will capture any object with a heat signature and movement within this zone and activate the camera with a reaction time of less than 1 second (called shutter delay) This means that any object walking past the camera will be captured.This can be seen by animals and humans and may scare off wildlife, or attract humans to the cameras whereabouts.This may be handy if you wish the person to know his or her photo has just been taken!If pheasants or partridges are being stolen from pens by human or animal predators, a trail camera is an ideal way to catch them in the act.

Flash: This is visible to the naked eye and will illuminate whatever is in the viewing range of the camera with a visible white flash, much like a normal camera would use.This MP (megapixel) rating, is a true rating, and does not rely on interpolation (zooming in on pixels to reach a resolution stated) which means the image quality is considerably better than some other manufacturers with similar MP ratings.

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