Updating intel ssd

09-Aug-2017 19:39

updating intel ssd-54

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Additionally, you may want to free up drive space by deleting the hibernate file.Note, though, that deleting the hibernate file also disables hibernate and hybrid-sleep.Manufacturers push out firmware updates to SSDs, which require a manual install.An exception to this rule is Samsung’s Magician software and Intel’s Toolbox, which offer automatic firmware updates.I use the following method: Type “CMD” (without quotation marks) into the Windows search bar.Right-click on “command” and launch with administrative rights, from the context window.Many manufacturers void the warranty after three-years or double-digit terabytes of writes.

The easiest method: Disable hibernate and hybrid-sleep in Windows 7 and 8.Many don’t know that SSDs, unlike regular hard drives, can sustain a limited number of writes before breaking.So SSDs die a little every time a document, video or other file transfers onto it.A PC with 32GB of RAM, if hibernated 4 times a day, writes up to 46.7 terabytes per year in hibernate file writes alone.

This voids many manufacturer warranties, if they place a cap on “host-writes” (which differs from NAND writes, due to a factor known as “write amplification“).

Whenever the Windows operating system goes to “sleep”, it writes the contents of its RAM to a massive file (hiberfil.sys) and then shuts off power to RAM, conserving energy.

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