Windows microsoft vista turn automatic updating off

30-Jul-2017 05:53

When you turn off Active X Filtering on a website, Internet Explorer stores the address of the website on which you have chosen to disable Active X Filtering.You can delete this data at any time with Delete Browsing History.

windows microsoft vista turn automatic updating off-53

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Internet Explorer has certain features that may impact or help you to protect your privacy.Compatibility View helps make websites designed for older browsers look better when viewed in Internet Explorer.If you choose to view a website in Compatibility View, as a convenience to you, Internet Explorer will remember this choice and use Compatibility View the next time you visit the site.If you choose this option, Internet Explorer will periodically download an updated list of Compatibility View settings from Microsoft, and standard computer information will be sent.

You can turn off Compatibility View Updates at any time.

These controls may have an impact on the performance, security, and reliability of Internet Explorer.